Asian Heritage Charity Concert


Annabella Mi

A charity concert will be held on Saturday, May 13 as a celebration of Asian Heritage Month.

Annabella Mi, News Editor

As a celebration and acknowledgement of Asian Heritage Month, a charity concert will ensue on Saturday, May 13. Due to COVID-19, many Asians in the US were stranded in unsuitable conditions. In some cases, quite a few lost their lives. 

This has inspired the start of a fund to achieve the recovery of Asians; who suffered during the pandemic.This is taking place as a charity concert, organized by Jayden Im.

What drove Im, a 15-year-old sophomore at Washtenaw Technical Middle College, to initiate this charity concert, were the devastating consequences of this pandemic and her love for music. 

“Since it is Asian Heritage Month, I decided it would be fun to hold a concert to celebrate Asian Heritage since after all, I am Asian, and I also love music so much,” Im said.


Im’s mission: 

“The purpose of this concert is to raise awareness for Asian American Mental Health,” according to Im, “to support these people that have suffered, we are trying to raise money to donate to the Covid-19 Recovery Fund by the Asian Pacific Fund, to contribute to their programs that aim to help Asians overcome the devastating effects of the pandemic. Donations are not required, but will be fully appreciated.”

“This left a huge mark on Asian culture, and consequently, lots of Asians were left traumatized, homeless, unemployed, severely injured, and even dead,” Im said. “I am so grateful for this opportunity to raise awareness for Asian American mental health and am overjoyed that music can be tied into it.”

Instruments ranging from strings to woodwinds to brass will be presented at the concert, with elementary schoolers to undergraduates performing as solos, ensembles and duets. The concert will take place on Emerson School’s stage at 5425 Scio Church Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 in the AIC. 

“For me, it means a lot to be able to combine a passion with an act of service,” Im said.  “I think that the concert will prove to others that there are so many different ways to serve the community and it does not have to be a chore.” 

The participants will be performing for around an hour.

 The pieces will range from “Arpeggione Sonata” on the double bass to “Duo concertant” op. 55 movement 2 on Soprano and alto sax to “Air on the G string” on violin, cello, and flute.

“Performing is one of my favorite things to do,” Im said. “ I am so glad that other musicians can share this event with me. I hope that in the future, if this concert is successful, I can organize more concerts for different heritage months and donate to other charities.” 


When and where:

Saturday, May 13 at 4pm

Emerson: 5425 Scio Church Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 in the AIC


Donate here to support this cause