The Student News Site of Clague Middle School

The Cougar Star

The Student News Site of Clague Middle School

The Cougar Star

The Student News Site of Clague Middle School

The Cougar Star


Mission Statement

The Cougar Star’s mission is to deliver news to the best of our ability to the Clague community. We strive to work together as a team and build our leadership skills. We will treat each subject in an unbiased manner and provide all points of view. We aim to have a range of different topics covered with a variety of sources procured. All of our work is original and content is decided by students.

Code of Ethics

  • Seek the truth and report it
  • Diverse range of coverage 
  • Unbiased points of view 
  • Trustworthy source of information
  • We try to have a diverse range of staff that covers diverse topics 
  • Aim to be anti-racist 
  • We welcome anyone who wants to report regardless of race, gender, etc.

Prior Review Information

Articles on the website are viewed by adviser Sara-Beth Badalamente before posting with advice from principal Che Carter. 

Section Description

News: News articles discuss recent news, general interest and/or specific topics. The articles will be written with facts, not opinions. 

Feature: Feature articles discuss events and activities important to the Clague community. 

Opinion: Opinion articles discuss what the writer feels. Articles have no ill intent to do harm. We are open to add discussion about opinionated thoughts. 

Entertainment: Entertainment articles discuss current trends that are important to our readers. They include reviews, and opinion-based articles about entertainment including books, tv shows, and movies. 

Cougars of Clague: Cougars of Clague articles are written about students and staff at Clague and they are in a Q and A interview format.

Forum Status

The Cougar Star is a limited public forum.

Letters to the Editor

The Cougar Star encourages letters to the editor. Any Clague Middle School student may submit work. All articles will be viewed by the editorial board and voted upon to ensure newsworthiness and journalistic standards are upheld. Letters should be submitted to the adviser, Sara-Beth Badalamente at [email protected].

Takedown Policy

All factual errors will be changed and made. If a story removal request is made, the editorial board will consider the request based on an individual basis.

Contact information: 

Adviser: Sara-Beth Badalamente – [email protected]