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Generation Alpha: The Slang

Maya Hayes
Generation Alpha explains their latest slang.

You are walking down the hallway and hear a boy yelling “I have skibidi rizz.” Do you wonder to yourself what these words mean? Well, don’t worry because we have created a list of generation alpha words and their definitions.

  • Skibidi: Skibidi is a short word for “Skibidi Toilet” which is a video series on Youtube that is a big meme of this generation.
  • Rizz: Comes from “charisma” which means charming and being able to attract someone.
  • Ohio: Ohio became a very popular meme because it is an odd place to visit. This is shown in the phrase: “Only in Ohio.”
  • Sigma: An individual who is successful, respectable, and popular, but is also independent and self-reliable. Usually to describe a CEO or leader of a company.
  • Alpha: An individual who is dominant among a group of people.
  • Fanum Tax: To steal someone’s belongings.
  • Mewing: A jaw exercise that helps define jaw-bone features. Someone would usually make a gesture along their jaw to show they are mewing and that they cannot talk at the moment.
  • Beta: Someone who follows an alpha.
  • Mid: Something that is boring and not that good.
  • Womp Womp: A sarcastic way of saying “Too bad, so sad.”
  • Bet: An agreement or saying okay.
  • Swag/Drip: A clean, cool and respected style.
  • Bruh: A word to describe a friend or an exaggeration of calm anger.
  • Meh: A way to express that you are indifferent.
  • Sus: An abbreviation for suspicious.


Remember there are always more words but these are just the main ones!

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About the Contributors
Kiya Rostamian
Kiya Rostamian, Copy Editor
This is 7th Grader Kiya Rostamian at Clague Middle School and this is his first time doing the newspaper. He spends his free time playing Tennis and only Tennis. Also he spends his time playing with his friends.
Jacob Davidson
Jacob Davidson, Staff Writer
Jacob Davidson is a person that goes to Clague. He is very good at gaming.

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