Review: Haikyuu!!


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“Haikyuu!!!” is a story about friendship and perseverance and is currently one of the most popular sports anime in the world.

Jayani Tavane, Staff Writer

Chaotic, but a funny show, “Haikyuu!!!” a story about friendship and perseverance is currently one of the most popular sports anime in the world. 

The story follows Shoyo Hinata playing for his high school volleyball team Karasuno High school. After being team captain in his old school Hinata decides to practice even harder so he can make it onto his highschool team and that’s where his story begins….

A couple of things I like about this show is that the characters are all really funny and they do a lot of dumb things like accidentally getting hit in the head with a volleyball (trust me it looks a lot funnier in the anime.) Whenever Kageyama (one of Hinata’s teammates and friend) gets mad at Hinata when Hinata is being dumb you will not stop laughing. The show is also very addicting because of the sport and the relationships between all the characters in the show. Especially Hinata and Kageyama. The humor in this show is also top notch. During their practices Hinata is always doing something dumb which is guaranteed to make you laugh! Just saying there are a lot of characters and they are all interesting in their own way, when I watched this anime I remember laughing my head off! It is just so funny! Even if you aren’t into volleyball or sports in general, you will love this anime! 

Overall, I love this show and I give it a 9 out of 10. If you’re looking for an anime to watch in your free time, I would strongly recommend “Haikyuu!!”