Michelle Zhang

Ketki Patil, Staff Writer

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Michelle Zhang and I am a sixth grader at Clague. I am also a staff member for the Cougar Star team. I love playing the piano and violin, writing calligraphy, and dancing. I am also sort of a foodie 🙂


What has been your favorite part of the school year?

My favorite part of the school year is meeting all my new teachers and meeting new friends (online of course). I am really excited and have been enjoying my first year at Clague even though everything is not “normal.”


What is one goal you have for the school year?

To make new friends and turn all my work in on time.


What is your favorite class and why?

I love all of my classes. But, if I have to pick one, I would go with science because it has a combination of math and nature. I really like nature.


What hobbies/ sports do you do?

I love playing badminton, reading, and drawing. I don’t really know if dancing is a sport but that is my favorite.