And the Geobee Winner is…


Courtesy of Jason Lu

Sixth grader Jason Lu wins the recent GeoBee competition.

Kayla Fu, Staff Writer

Today, we interviewed the recent GeoBee winner, Jason Lu. We asked him about his experience, what it felt like winning, and how he did it. After all, being a sixth grader and knowing so much about geography is a very amazing feat. Congratulations, Jason! 


Q: How did you prepare for the GeoBee, or is your skill a natural talent?

A: I did not prepare but I have watched a lot of geography videos. 

Q: How did you feel after you won?

A: I felt excited and surprised because I thought that I wouldn’t have won.

Q: Was the experience more fun or competitive?

A: I would say it was fun because it was competitive. 

Q: Do you think that you will want to enter next year?

A: Of course I will enter next year!