A pro con on technology: The bright and dark sides


Annabella Mi

Technology is an ever growing part of our society. It’s impact has both far reaching consequences and benefits.

Annabella Mi and Mia Lin

Every day when we look around, we always see at least one person on a screen, be it a MacBook or an iPad—someone (or even ourselves) always seems to be craning their necks into these pools of blue light.

With the increasing popularity of technology, our lives have been impacted in almost every aspect. From how we check our grades to how we communicate with friends and family, we always find a way to sneak technology into our routines.

But the influence that technology has on our daily schedule is positive and negative. Here are the pros and cons of technology.

The bright side of technology

From texting to video games to online assignments and emailing, technology is a huge factor in our day-to-day life. Without the ability to search anything up on the internet effortlessly or ordering food straight to your door with DoorDash, modern society would lack its normal conveniences.

As technology constantly evolves, social platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram have been created and used worldwide. Now, people can easily connect across screens miles apart with texting and games.

Technology is a world of endless possibilities waiting to be discovered, building the stairs to new discoveries and inventions.

The dark side of technology

While technology aids convenience, it also can cause many problems such as depression, cyberbullying and isolation. When a person has indulged into the depths of the internet, the insatiable desire for the screen can often evolve into a severe addiction, which can lead to problems that could be damaging to mental health. 

Since the pandemic, many students have been given chromebooks for academic purposes, but many have also taken advantage of this responsibility, finding distractions such as games on mathplayground or even PokemonGo!, that have affected their grades and social life. This is an example of how technology diminishes motivation and productivity.


To conclude, technology is a useful platform for emailing your peers or even using google translate to get past language barriers. It will always be the digital door to practicality, but there is a limit to how much that door should open.