Game Bros: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the newest games in the Pokemon era


Emily Hu

In Pokemon Scarlet you can pick between three starters, Sprigatito, the Grass type, Fuecoco, the Fire type, or Quaxly, the Water pokemon.

Noah Davidson, Managing Editor

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the latest game in the pokemon era, being the ninth generation and surpassing 1000 pokemon ( not including Regional variants, Megas, and Gigantamax ). From here on, all that there will be are spoilers, so if you are planning to play yourself, now would be a good time to go to a different article

In Pokemon Scarlet you can pick between three starters,  Sprigatito, the Grass type, Fuecoco, the Fire type, or Quaxly, the Water pokemon. Sprigatito evolves in Floragato, the Grass-Dark type. Fuecoco evolves into Skeledirge, a Fire-Ghost Type. Quaxly evolves into Quaquava, the Water-Fighting type. 

Later on you go to Naranja academy in Scarlet and Uva in Violet where you rstart your school life. After a bit you get to start the 3 routes, with Starfall Street, Victory Road,  and the Path of Legends. 

You also  get to choose between eight different classes and after finishing each class you get rewards, such as after finishing history you get the ability to catch the four ruinous legendaries. But to unlock all the classes you need the first seven gym badges

In Starfall Street, you team up with Cassopia and Clive to take down team star, a team who originally fought against bullies but then bullied people into joining. In order you have to fight Gamicomo, the dark type team star leader of the Segin Squad, Mela the fire type team star leader of  Schedar Squad,  Atticus the poison type team star leader of Navi Squad, Ortega the fairy type leader of Ruchbach Squad, and Eri the fighting type leader of the Caph team star base. 

In Victory Road you have to fight the eighth gym leaders, elite four, and the true Champion. You also have to fight Nemona a few times, but they are all kind of easy. You have to fight Katy, the bug type gym leader, Brassius, the grass type gym leader, Iono, the electric type gym leader, Kofu the water type gym leader, Larry the normal type gym leader, Ryme the ghost type gym leader, Tulip the psychic type gym leader, and Grusha the ice type gym leader. 

Then there is the Path of Legends, where you team up with Arven to fight the Titan pokemon, giant pokemon that after eating Herba Mystical, a very rare plant, they became huge. You have to fight Klawf, the stony earth titan, Bombirdier the open sky titan, Orthworm the lurking steel titan, Great tusk for scarlet and Iron treads for violet, both of which are the Quaking earth titan, ( but it depends on the game ). And Dodonzo + Tatsugiri, both of which are the false dragon titans. 

I can not say much more without spoiling key plots of the game, so that is all.  If I were to rate it, I would give it a 4 out of 5. It is a great game but the newer pokemon are all kinds of bland and not very creative names. You should definitely buy it, it has a great plot, its very fun, and is  a great way to spend time.