Should the Wolves in Yellowstone National Park be Removed Again? 


"Yellowstone National Park Wolf Snow Animal" by Pix4free; licensed under Creative Commons CCO

Wolves are necessary for the Yellowstone National Park food web. Without wolves, the whole park would be destroyed.

Darsh Vats, Staff Writer

Should the wolves in Yellowstone National Park be removed again (Yellowstone Park had a recreation where wolves were removed from the park). In my opinion, no, wolves should never be removed from Yellowstone National park unless they create havoc in the park. Wolves are necessary for the Yellowstone National Park food web, without wolves the whole park will be destroyed. Let me explain clearly how wolves keep the food web intact. Wolves help sustain the number of elk/deer in the biome/ecosystem. If there were not wolves, the elk/deer population would eat all the plants in the Yellowstone National Park. According to the National Park Service of Yellowstone National Park, In the 1960s and 1970s, national awareness of environmental issues led to new laws that would act against earlier ones, such as the endangered species act (1973). This act was passed to recover all wolves from being eliminated/extinct. As you can see wolves are a major part of the Yellowstone ecosystem. Wolves are tertiary consumers, without wolves deers and elks would overgraze the land and trees, when the trees started to decline a lot of birds had left the park. Overall, wolves play an important role in the Yellowstone ecosystem. This concludes that wolves should never be eliminated from the park again.

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