Course selection begins for eighth graders

Getting ready for high school, eighth graders worked on their four year plans.

Hemanth Tavane Shivakumar

Getting ready for high school, eighth graders worked on their four year plans.

Two weeks ago, from March 22-24, Clague eighth graders had course selections. Students had the options to go to Skyline, Huron, Pioneer, or Community High School. All the soon-to-be freshmen met in the lunchroom or the tech hallway on their assigned high school’s day to discuss their different choices  and questions about course selection. 

The required credits that students needed to take to graduate were1 credit of art, 4 credits of Language Arts (2 English Electives), 0.5 credits of health, 4 credits of math, 0.5 credits of physical education, 3 credits of science, 3 credits of social studies, 2 credits of world language, and 4 credits of general electives.

The five required classes that students must take next year at Huron are English 9, Algebra 1, Biology, World History and Geography, a World Language, and at least 1 credit of another course. There is an option for an additional hour. However, students are allowed to take more advanced courses as long as they have finished the base courses (prerequisites). An example of this is if someone already took / tested out of English 9, they can take English 10 instead in 9th grade. This is true for most courses as long as they are taken through A2V or Michigan Virtual. While some courses will not count on your transcript unless you test out like some BYU courses. 

During the week, all students received a sheet with the course options and course requirements for next year. The sheet is just a rough draft for students and all they need to do is input all their course selections on  Powerschool. If students have any questions or concerns, they should reach out to Kathryn Hoover, the 8th grade counselor, at her [email protected]