Return from break postponed as COVID rates increase


Sara-Beth Badalamente

AAPS has pushed the return to in-person learning after winter break back one week.

Satvika Ramanathan

Due to an increase in COVID cases in the community, Ann Arbor Public Schools has decided to postpone the return to school after winter break. Superintendent Jeanice Swift sent out an email on Dec. 31 saying that schools will be closed Monday, Jan. 3, and Tuesday, Jan. 4, and classes will resume online from Wednesday, Jan. 5 to Friday, Jan. 6. As of the communication sent out on Dec. 31, schools will resume in-person learning on Monday, Jan. 10. More information is set to be communicated by the principals to parents on Tuesday. 

“This winter surge will require more from all of us,” Swift communicated. “With the additional challenge presented by the Omicron variant, we will need to take additional steps to support the health and safety of our students and staff at school; we are asking for your help in this important effort. Working together has never been more critical to continue in-school learning for our students, staff, families and community.”

This involves prioritizing vaccination, regularly checking for COVID symptoms and staying at home when necessary, continuing with contact tracing and masking, creating backup plans, and limiting large gatherings. 

“In the actions and steps we each take each day, we demonstrate our care and commitment to our children, to each other, to our Ann Arbor community and to our shared future,” Swift concluded. “Thank you for your support of all our students and of the Ann Arbor Public Schools.”