Clague’s Return to School


Courtesy of Sara-Beth Badalamente

For middle school and high school students, the return to school is planned for the week of April 12.

Emily Hu

Ann Arbor Public Schools is approaching its one-year anniversary of starting virtual school. As the vaccine is being rolled out and cases in Washtenaw are starting to lower, AAPS is preparing for students to return back to school.  In a recent superintendent update from the Ann Arbor Public Schools, the phased return for 6-12 grade students is planned for the week of April 12.

On Thursday, March 18, at 6 p.m. all Clague families are invited to join the Hybrid Parent Information Webinar via zoom (link will be provided by Clague in future communications). There, families will be further informed about the specific plan for the return to school and the start of hybrid learning. Parents will have the opportunity to get answers to their questions and concerns. Clague hopes that they will be able to guide parents through the next few steps and choices to better the experience of the return to school.

The plan to return back to school is split into four stages.

In stage one, starting March 25 and 26, PK, Y5, and kindergarten students who chose hybrid or in-school learning, students who need high-level specialized learning at all levels, and middle/high school students most in need of in-school learning will return to buildings.

Stage two will be open to first and second-grade students who choose hybrid or in-school learning on April 5.

Stage 3, April 12, one week after stage two will be the start of returning back to school for third through fifth-grade students.

Stage 4, for sixth through twelfth-grade students, the return to school is planned for the week of April 12.