New Homes During COVID-19


Courtesy of Dreamstime/Tribune News Service

The Humane Society of Huron Valley is a community of people who love animals and rescue them to give them new homes.

Kate Kim

If I asked you who your favorite super hero was, some of the possible answers would be ‘Superman’, ‘Wonder Woman’, or ‘Black Panther.’ But they are just made up characters in a plot who changes a life or saves one. One of the true heroes in this world may be the people of the Humane Society of Huron Valley.

 They are a community of people who love animals and help them to get a new home, or to rescue them. This may not seem as exciting as superheroes diving into danger to save a life to you, but to those animals, it would feel like their lives changed completely, just because of these people.

It’s certainly a privilege to be a part of an organization that’s been saving the lives of animals for over 125 years,” Humane Society manager Wendy Welch said. “At HSHV, our motto is “’Love starts here,’” and it’s true in so many ways, and we staff and volunteers are honored to witness it.” said  Welch. 

Because of her leading this society, millions of lives are saved and have changed. The animals, who have once been betrayed or hurt by their previous owners have found a new stable home, where they are now being loved and cared for. 

“While pet overpopulation isn’t as much of an issue in our area as it is in other areas of the country, there are still many animals who are homeless,” Welch said. “By adopting, you’re giving a deserving animal a home. And you get to feel good in the process as well, though we often hear from people that they didn’t rescue the animal—the animal rescued them.” 

By adopting an animal from this shelter, people can be a real hero to the animal.

Because of Covid-19, it is difficult to keep the shelter going as usual. But they have figured out a way to keep it open.

“You! Volunteers, fosters and donors! People and their love for animals keep the shelter going. People can help the Humane Society in so many ways! We appreciate donations—both of money (which we can use where needed most), and of in-kind goods like used bath towels and spray cheese and peanut butter. ” 

Caroline Yeh has a a seventh grader has her own opinions about this.

Adopting is better in my opinion because it helps them more so the humane society can bring in more cats and pets” Yeh said. 

Even without adopting animals, people can help the animals to get better lives.

The people of HSHV, and those who help in other ways have changed the lives of the animals who have been handled cruelly or been emotionally hurt. You can also be a part of this group. You can help those animals to be better. Even just one individual can flip a life of an animal upside down.