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Paper books or E-books?

Saanvi Kulkarni
It’s clear that both print books and e-books have their reasons: but is there one that’s better?

The world is developing into a society that revolves around electronics. Phones, iPads, computers, TVs—they’re all around us and we use them every day. Even AI is believed by some to eventually replace jobs, posing a threat to individuals who are employed.

Technology has always been a controversial topic. Some think it is essential for the growth of the planet, while others are stubborn in their belief that it needs to be closely watched and controlled. As this is to prevent technology from taking over things like jobs—and books.

E-books are growing more and more popular, resulting in a declining need for print books. With the invention of E-books, you don’t have to go to a library or bookstore every time you want a book, you can simply get it online without even having to take a step.

Because of this, E-books can be very convenient, but they’re also not as intimate to read as physical books. There is no fresh smell of crisp pages, nor is there the slight crinkle as you turn each page when reading an E-book.

So it’s clear that both have their reasons: but is there one that’s better?

Print books are best for those who love the feeling of paper and for those who are proud of their wide collection. For print book lovers, the feeling of a physical book can never be compromised, even for an E-book.

With print books, you also won’t get as many distractions. When you’re reading an E-book, the entire internet is only a couple clicks away.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everything went virtual, causing heavier strain on our eyes. The more you stare at a screen, the less you blink, and the drier your eyes become, and this can directly affect your vision—these were the circumstances for the pandemic.. This makes print books better in these terms as they don’t require you to stare at a screen for prolonged periods of time.

Additionally, according to the Junior Library Guild, print books also help you sleep better. In 2014, Harvard scientists conducted a study that involved participants reading with either a print book or an E-reader before bed. Results revealed that those who had used an E-reader had taken longer to fall asleep than those with print books.

Print books also don’t require batteries, chargers, internet, or any other inconvenient resources. They also give you the physical sensations of reading—you can see, and feel how many pages you’ve read.

There’s also the fact that print books have an emotional connection associated with them, a sentiment you can’t quite achieve with E-books.

However, E-books are more convenient to carry around instead of carrying several heavy books. On one device, you can open all the books you need, with the added fact that iPads or E-readers are far lighter than a stack of multiple books.

With E-books, you have an entire library of books just a click away. And within that click, a book is downloaded. And since all the books are online, nearly everything that has ever been published is available for you too.

Another reason E-books may be better is the cost. Print books can sometimes cost more than what would seem reasonable, whereas E-books aren’t as costly. And, of course, E-books are also environmentally friendly: They don’t require trees to be cut down to make paper.

So while it is unclear whether you may choose paper books or E-books, keep in mind they both have their pros and cons, and neither one is exactly the “better” option.

Always remember, however, that no matter if you prefer paper books or E-books, the most important part is to keep reading!

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About the Contributor
Saanvi Kulkarni, Staff Writer
Saanvi is a 7th grader at Clague Middle School. This is her first year doing yearbook/newspaper. In her free time, she likes to read, write stories, do karate and play piano, as well as hanging out with her friends. Also, she spends way too much time wishing for a pet.

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  • S

    sophiaApr 6, 2024 at 11:45 am

    to be honest, i prefer paper books because if i want to reread the book, i can just grab it off my shelf and immediately start reading~for e books, sometimes you have to wait because other people are reading it (like on sora). i mean if the book isnt in the library and i can’t find it at stores, i would probably just borrow online if i had no other choice but to.

  • J

    Jayani TavaneApr 5, 2024 at 8:58 am

    E – Books cuz I’m lazy