Wings of fire, the Dragonet prophecy book review

Noah Davidson, Managing Editor

Wings of fire is a book series where you follow a group of young dragons on there journey to save their world, or just something crazy. The book series was made by Tui. T Sutherland. The original book series had no pictures, but they remade it into graphic novels by Mike Holmes.  

There are 7 different kinds of dragons, 

Sandwings are golden colored dragons who live in the desert. They can breath fire and have poisonous barbed tails. The older the dragon, the stronger the poison. 

Then there are Mudwings, they are the color of mud and have flat noses. When Mudwing eggs are hatched in a family, the oldest and biggest will help the rest of the Mudwings break free from there eggs, They can breath fire if hot enough and can hold there breath for up to an our, and some are immune to fire ( kind of ). 

Then we have Skywings, they are red and gold are are incredibly fast in the air. They can breath fire and sometimes are born with the ability to be incredibly hot, like the sun hot. 

Seawings are blue and green dragons that can breath underwater and see in the dark. Members of the Royal family have a special pattern on the bottom of their wings. They can swim super fast. 

Then there are Icewings are light blue colored dragons. They can withstand freezing cold temperatures and breath a freezing cold breath that can kill anything. Rainwings have color changing scales for camouflage. Dependent on how they are feeling, they will be a different color. They have a deadly poison that melts through anything. The only way to cure it is to use the poison from the same family. But that is very rare as eggs are mixed up a lot. They are very lazy and are all vegetarians. 

And last but not least are the Nightwings, They are the color of the night sky and have star like specks on the bottom of their wings. If they are born in moonlight, they can see the future and read other dragons minds.They can also breath fire and have a deadly bacteria that is similar to rainwings poison.


The way that the wings of fire series tells their stories is with 5 books dedicated to a different prophecy. The first 5 books are based off this prophecy.


When the war has lasted 20 years, the dragonets will come.

When the land is soaked in blood and tears, the dragonets will come. 

Find the Seawing egg of deepest blue, Wings of Night will come to you.

The largest egg in mountain high will give you the WIngs of Sky.

For Wings of Earth, search through the mud for an egg the color of Dragon blood.

And hidden alone from the rival queens, the Sandwing egg lays unseen.

Of three queens who Blister and Blaze and Burn, two shall die and one will learn.

If she bows to a fate that is stronger and higher, she’ll have the power of Wings of Fire.

Five eggs to hatch on the brightest night, five Dragons born to end the fight

Darkness will rise to bring the light, the dragonets are coming.


Tsunami, the Seawing of the prophecy, is royalty but none of the dragons know that, and she is the best fighter out of all the dragons. Starflight, the Nightwing. He’s super smart but doesn’t like to fight. Sunny, the Sandwing. She’s kind, and very funny. She was born special because she doesn’t have a poison barb at the end of her tail. And Glory, she is a weird case. She is a Rainwing, even through the prophecy calls for a Skywing. What happened was, there was originally four guardians of the prophecy dragons, but their Icewing got murdered by Burn while trying to escape back to the secret cave. The egg ended up getting destroyed, and Webs, the Seawing helping out, ends up getting Glory’s egg. And Clay, is the Mudwing of the prophecy.

 He is Semi fire proof, meaning he can still be burned, but not very badly as other dragons might and he heals from burns very fast.                                          


A group called the talons of peace has dragons from all the tribes that work together to make this prophecy true. We follow the 5 dragons of destiny, as they call themselves, on their adventures all over the dragon shaped island meeting with long lost family, getting captured, and making the prophecy come true, but not in the way it was intended to. Over the three parts in the first book they escape the cave they are trapped in, but get captured by Queen Scarlet. They escape from Scarlet after Glory uses her death poison that no one even knew existed at the time, on Scarlet’s face, melting half of it, while Burn, who is in alliance with Queen Scarlet, escaped. And Clay, meets his mom and Brothers and Sisters. His mom is kind of a deadbeat whop sold his for 5 cows, but his brothers and sisters are kinda cool. Reed, the temporary Bigwing, the Mudwing who helps the other Mudwings hatch and are the leaders, is the oldest brother, Sora is the oldest and last living sister, after Crane, the younger sister, died in battle. Pheasant is the second oldest brother, Marsh is the second youngest, and Umber is the youngest of all of them. 


Out of how long this book is and how much happens in one part, it’s a great book and has lots of different books in the story. In the first one, we are watching through Clays perspective, then we go in the order they met their family, with Tsunami being the second, Glory being the third, Starflight being the fourth, and Sunny being the last. It’s a great book series and ends by preparing for the next 5 books at the end of Sunnys book.  I would rate this book a 9/10 and would recommend it to people who love fantasy books, but its kind of gory with all the fighting and talking about wounds, so I would say kids 8 and older can read this series, but if you don’t like blood or gore, don’t read these books or the graphic novels, but they are still very good books.