Tornadoes: April 5 and Safety Precautions


Mia Lin

Tornado warnings mean a tornado is happening now, while a tornado watching means that there is only a risk of a tornado.

Jaewon Lee, Staff Writer

Students probably noticed the sudden humidity and the high temperature on April 5. If you learned about tornadoes in Science, this means that a tornado might form. 

Tornado warnings and watchings have a quite different meaning. A tornado warning is a warning that a tornado is happening now, but a tornado watching means that there is a risk of a tornado. I am well quite sure that you are aware that today, April 5, there was a tornado watching. 

In case of a tornado, what can you do? You should be attentive to weather news and warnings issued. You should also listen to the radio or television for newer news. Also, if you’re indoors, move to an inner room on the lowest point of the building/house. You should be far apart from windows, doors, and outside walls. If you’re outdoors, you should immediately seek a safe place in a strong building. In case of a tornado, you should also protect your head with your arms if you can. If you’re in a vehicle at that time, get out and seek a safe place. Safety first too, if you or anybody else is hurt, you should seek medical care right away. If you are in school, ask a trusted adult or teacher in the building what to do.

Now you know what you should do in case of a tornado.