Prime Hydration is Taking Over


Mia Lin

Prime is a hydration/energy drink created by Youtubers Logan Paul and KSI.

Jacob Davidson, Staff Writer

Prime, some might have heard of it by now, is a hydration/energy drink created by Youtubers Logan Paul and KSI. A lot of sixth graders are carrying around the drink as a substitute for water. I brought Prime myself, and I saw that it had its own original flavor. 

Everytime I go to stores like CVS, Kroger, and Target, I see that Prime is always sold out. There is a unique reasoning behind this. People wait around the store and wait until the trucks full of Prime come along, people buy out the whole stock. Now people who want to buy the drink for the original price have to go online on Ebay and buy Prime for 385 dollars for one bottle! Link to the site is provided below.

“I think that prime is a waste of money, pretty much all the flavors have the same medicine-y almost poisonous taste, the only real good flavor is lime, but it still has that same medicine-y taste like all of them,” sixth grader Noah Davidson said.

Stores have made a limit on how many a person can buy.

“That still doesn’t stop people from going all around town trying to find prime and sell it for ridiculous prices,” Davidson said.

I would say that for $1.75 a bottle, it’s with it if you spend your money. I think the drink is very good, but you could just dye water and there you have it.