Why you should head to Maiz Mexican Cantina


Annabella Mi

Maiz is located in downtown Ypsilanti. It is a favorite restaurant of locals.

Zahra Ahsan, Staff Writer

From the flavorful Chicken Tinga Tacos to the delicious Chips and Salsa, Maiz Mexican Cantina in downtown Ypsilanti is not only authentic but also has very delicious meals and is an amazing experience. In my opinion, the Chicken Tinga Tacos are the best dish there. They have chipotle spiced shredded chicken topped with diced onions, queso fresco, fresh cilantro, and crema. If you’re not a fan of those extras, you can always ask for a removal of one or two, just not the chicken of course. The Chicken Tinga Tacos are so flavorful and juicy. The queso fresco adds to the flavor. There are other very yummy foods, too! Here is a link to their menu: Click here! The restaurant even plates their dishes beautifully and this never fails to please others and myself. 

The ambience of the restaurant is very cozy. The interior design is very well kept. They have authentic Mexican figures, and always have nice music playing. 

I think they could do a little better on the cleanliness because there are a ton of people coming in and out of the restaurant and are usually very busy. But, with the business comes many challenges like cleanliness. Especially when there is not a lot of time to clean after others are waiting to be seated.

The workers always make you feel welcome, though. Most of the time, they are very friendly and they will never expect a tip. They will answer all your questions and are always understanding.

 I highly recommend Maiz if you want the full Mexican Cuisine experience without having to go all the way to Mexico.