Game Bros: Deltarune chapter 3 release date announced


Emily Hu

In Pokemon Scarlet you can pick between three starters, Sprigatito, the Grass type, Fuecoco, the Fire type, or Quaxly, the Water pokemon.

Jacob Davidson

It finally happened – TobyFox announced the launch of Deltarune chapter 3 after 2 years. Everybody has been waiting for the longest time, desperate for something else to play. But now all Deltarune fans are hyped for the new release of chapter 3. 

If you don’t know what Deltarune is, it is the prequel to TobyFox’s original game, Undertale. Deltarune has become a part of gaming and meme culture and is going to stay there for a long time. What you are meant to do is beat the bosses of each chapter, so far there are king and queen for chapter 1 and 2.

Deltarune really has changed the face of gaming and there are only 2, 3 – hour long chapters and it isn’t even a fourth of the way done. For now you can only play the demo version which is right now, the official version but not the official version. 

Deltarune came out right after undertales full game was done. Undertale is full of gaming, memes, emotional damage, and skill. Many people wouldn’t be the same without the game. That is why Deltarunes next release is going to be a big one. 

You can buy the demo on steam for free or you can download it on for free. You can also get it on the PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, all of the demos being free. You can buy the game anytime you want if you have a computer, or one of the listed consoles above.