Construction Project Affects Clague Student and Staff


Clague is currently under a three-year construction plan to renovate the school with air conditioning, fresh paint and better plumbing.

Mia Lin, Editor-in-Chief

Clague Middle School is currently under a three-year construction plan to renovate the school with additional upgrades such as air conditioning, fresh paint and better plumbing. The project began in the summer of 2022 and is expected to move around the building in sections.

At the beginning of the year, two hallways were blocked off because of construction, which caused around 200 students to lose their lockers. According to a newsletter written by Clague Principal Kyron Harvell, by the time this school year ends, it’s predicted that almost all students will not be able to use their lockers for at least one phase of the project.

Construction has affected students and staff greatly since school started. Since the school year began, major hallways have been blocked off, compelling students to find new and sometimes time-consuming routes to their classroom.

“I found it hard to navigate through the building,” eighth grader Liya Zhang said.

According to the Clague Middle School website, the construction is to “provide classrooms and academic spaces that will improve indoor environmental quality, improve student performance, and enhance teacher well-being.”

“[I think the construction project is worth it] because the future students will get to have a happier learning experience without the sweltering heat during class,” Zhang said.

Clague Middle School has been without air conditioning for a while. The upstairs classrooms are constantly overheated, and many teachers have had to bring in fans in the past.

“I am happy that the building will be provided with much needed upgrades,” assistant principal Crystal Fluker, said. “One major goal of construction is to give the building air conditioning that teachers can control in their own classrooms.”

The first round of closed-off hallways will be finished this Friday and will be reopened.

“Construction is scheduled to finish up in 2024,” Fluker said. “We are open and receptive to this project. We look forward to a better environment for all of Clague”