AAPS Schools Require Masking First Two Weeks After Break


Ann Arbor Public Schools will require masks from Monday, Jan. 9 to Friday, Jan. 20

Mia Lin, Editor-in-Chief

Breaking News: Ann Arbor Public Schools will be requiring well-fitting masks from Monday, Jan. 9 to Friday, Jan. 20 to prevent the spread of disease as students and staff return from winter break. 

“During this time of return from travel and social activities, the requirement of masks while indoors as school is a measure to reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses and related absenteeism and to prioritize health and in-school learning,” Superintendent Jeanine Swift said in an Ann Arbor Public Schools Health Advisory Update on January 8. “We all understand the critical importance of our students and staff being present for in-school learning on every day possible.”

Ann Arbor Public Schools highly encourage both students and staff to remain at home if they are showing any signs of illness, such as vomiting and/or a fever.

To understand and react accordingly to the illnesses within the AAPS community, students are asked to report RSV, influenza or COVID diagnoses using this form.

“Extra masks are available at all school buildings for use by students and staff,” Swift said.

If students have any questions regarding illnesses and the decision whether to remain at home or not, they can contact their school nurse using this contact information or a health care provider.

“As we return to school in this new year 2023, we will continue to closely monitor absence levels and illness each day, and remain in close communication about next steps,” Swift said.