Fall Clague Spirit Week


Photo by Yuri Kim

6th grader Margaux Stout and Clague Orchestra teacher Ms. Paddock during Spirit Week on Costume Day, 10/28/22 at Clague Middle School.

Benson Liang, Staff Writer


Clague Spirit Week is an event that lets people wear different clothing to make each other more cheerful. During the week before Halloween, Clague held it’s first Spirit Week of this School year.


The Spirit week consisted of different clothing choices for each day:

Monday was Neon Day, when anyone could wear neon colors at school.

Tuesday was Twin Day, when people could wear the same cloths as their friends and act like twins at school.

Wednesday was Formal Day, when people could wear formal clothing at school.

Thursday was Anything But A Backpack Day, when anyone could use objects to carry their things other than using their backpacks at school.

Friday was Halloween Costume Day, when anyone could wear their Halloween Costumes at school.