Clague sends sixth graders outside for science

Jaewon Lee, Staff Writer

Sixth grader science students headed outside on Nov. 9 for a science investigation. The students investigated the sewer system of the school. The group mainly stayed beside the tennis court for most experiments. The first experiment was to pour water into different spots of the sidewalk around the tennis court and observe if the

water will be adsorbed to soil/grass or drained down to the road. Then the group wrote down the temperature, wind speed, and more to find the weather conditions of the day. The group also did

an experiment about which materials filter impurities the most. There were two bottles, each of which contained different materials. One had rocks in it and the other had soil in it and sticks to represent plants. The group poured water (with dirt to represent pollution) into both of the bottles at the same time. The bottle with the rocks didn’t filter much, but in the bottle with the soil, all the dirty soil rose up and the clean water sank down.

“My favorite part is the experiment of the water pouring,” Xi Xi said.

Many students were fascinated about the trip because the trip was like a big experiment and very informative.