How new Clague principal Mr. Harvell plans on helping students succeed


Courtesy of Mr. Harvell

Mr. Harvell is the new principal at Clauge.

Angela Chen, Staff Writer

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: “My name is Kyron Harvell. I’m new to the Ann Arbor area, and I’m the new principal here at Clague. I have been in administration for the last 19 years. I was in the Lansing school district prior to coming to Ann Arbor Public Schools. I’m originally from Flint, Michigan. I have really enjoyed my time here at Clague! I love the school, students, parents and community. I’m very excited to serve the community here in Ann Arbor.”

Q: Do you have any hobbies, sports, or clubs you’re interested in, now or in the past?

A: “Yes. So right now here at Clague, I am the faculty liaison for the HOSA as well as the BPA. My hobbies include sports such as bowling. I like going to concerts. I love basketball, my favorite player and mentor is the late great Kobe Bryant.”

Q: What have you learned since the pandemic?

A: “I’ve learned the importance of checking in to make sure that people are doing well and really seeing how people are feeling as far as their mental health, and as far as social learning, and just the importance of making connections with others to check in on each other. I think we often get so busy with our day and we focus on academics and we focus on things we have to do as far as providing for our families that we forget to really check in to make sure people are okay, so the pandemic has taught me the importance of making sure that people feel good and people are happy. And then to make sure that they get the support they need.”

Q: Do you have an interesting talent or facts about yourself? If yes, what?

A: “Yeah, so I can play the guitar. I played the guitar for the last 30 years. I also know how to surf. Surprisingly, I’m really good at surfing. I am a really big Kobe Bryant fan. My entire basement is decorated with Kobe Bryant posters, his shoes, and I turned the floor into  a gymnasium floor that has the Los Angeles Lakers logo. So my entire basement is purple, and all the furniture is purple and gold so that would be something interesting.”

Q: What are your goals for this year at Clague?

A: “My goals for this year are just to work closely with staff, students and parents to ensure that Clague continues the tradition of excellence in terms of being on top as far as behavior, social emotional learning, or community development and academic achievement.”

Q: What do you like about working with kids at Clague?

A: “Getting to know their stories is really fun. I’m from Lansing so coming here to Ann Arbor, I get to meet new families, hear their stories, hear about their interests, trying to find things in common with them, or going to a school sporting event. So for example, there’s a sporting event at Clague tonight that I’m going to. I work with student council; I like to see kids have a voice and choice. I love taking part in all clubs and activities that the kids are involved in such as Academic Games, and other organizations. Just getting to know the kids, their interests and just seeing what’s going to go on in the future is great.”

Q: What have you really enjoyed this year so far?

A: “So being new to Ann Arbor, I really love the environment, I really love the school, the kids. Everyone seems really positive. People seem happy. I feel like it’s a really good year, from talking with kids to talking with staff or parents. I think we’re on the right track because we haven’t had any major issues this year. I just think things are going really really well and we’re off to a great year.”

Q: What are you excited for this school year?

A: “I’m excited for fun night which is coming up. I’m excited for all the wonderful things the kids are gonna do, as far as fun night and student council. I’m excited for our eighth grade field trip. I’m also excited for other trips we will take, along with orchestra, band, and athletics. I’m just excited to see what our kids are going to do and just how our kids will sail in their classes and personal lives.”

Q: Is a hotdog a sandwich?

A: “Never thought about that before. I’m going to say no!”