MIPA Awards


Courtesy of MIPA

Clague Middle School won 31 awards from MIPA.

Tanishka Tewari

On May 17 at 7 p.m. The Cougar Star newspaper group held a Zoom celebration for the MIPA (Michigan Interscholastic Press Association) awards.  This year the newspaper submitted  34 submissions, and Clague has won a total of 31 awards. The staff earned 2 third-place awards, 14  second-place awards and 15 first-place awards. Their adviser Sara-Beth Badalamente (OC) won the Golden Pen award, which is the highest award a teacher can receive from the organization.


1st place – Claire Wang: Illustration 

1st place – Hemanth Tavane Shivakumar: Interactive Graphic

1st place – Emily Hu: Online Breaking News Coverage

1st place – Satvika Ramanathan: News Story

1st place – Hemanth Tavane Shivakumar: News Brief

1st place – Ashley Han: Review

1st place – Tanishka Tewari: Feature Columnist

1st place – Jashn Grewal & Emily Hu: Pro-Con Opinion Columns

1st place – Claire Wang: In-Depth Feature

1st place – Hemanth Tavane Shivakumar: Informative Feature

1st place – Mia Lin: Personal Narrative

1st place – Lakshya Jaiganesh: Diversity Coverage

1st place – Isha Savi: Environmental, Health or Science

1st place – Emily Hu: Sports Feature Story

1st place – Hemanth Tavane Shivakumar: Photo Story 


2nd place – Ashley Han: Illustration

2nd place – Tanishka Tewari: Interactive Graphic

2nd place – Isha Savi: Online Breaking News Coverage

2nd place – Emily Hu: News Story

2nd place – Ashley Han: Bylined Opinion Article

2nd place – Alex Hannah: Review

2nd place – Jashn Grewal: Feature Columnist

2nd place – Satvika Ramanathan: In-Depth Feature

2nd place – Emily Hu: Informative Feature

2nd place – Satvika Ramanathan & Emily Hu: Human Interest Feature

2nd place – Satvika Ramanathan: Personal Narrative 

2nd place – Kate Kim: Environmental, Health or Science

2nd place – Benson Liang: Sports Feature Story

2nd place – Hemanth Tavane Shivakumar: News-Feature Photograph


3rd place – Jiajia Huang: Bylined Opinion 

3rd place – Ketki Patil: Human Interest Feature