Lyra Mina Zetoune


Lakshya Jaiganesh, Managing Editor

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself
I’m 12 years old and I like the color yellow, I like to sing, and I have 3 cats and a rabbit.

2. What has been your favorite part about this school year?

My favorite part about this school year was probably staying home because it was fun to stay home with my family and spend time with them more.

3. What do you miss about Clague?
I actually never got to see Clague, but I am very excited to see the school.

4. What is one goal you have for this year?
My goal is to do my best in learning even if we aren’t physically in school.

5. What is your favorite class and why?
I like all my classes, all my teachers are funny and nice :).

6. What hobbies/sports do you do?
My hobbies are drawing, singing, playing basketball, and doing yoga.